Dining Chairs

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Showing 1 - 24 of 53 products
Bacall Waterfall Curved Back Dining ChairBacall Waterfall Curved Back Dining Chair
English Chippendale Side ChairEnglish Chippendale Side Chair
English Chippendale ArmchairEnglish Chippendale Armchair
Charles II Armchair: EachCharles II Armchair: Each
Simsbury Manor Leather Side Chair: EachSimsbury Manor Leather Side Chair: Each
Simsbury Manor Leather Armchair: EachSimsbury Manor Leather Armchair: Each
French Provincial Ladderback SetteeFrench Provincial Ladderback Settee
DeMedici Palace Renaissance Chair: EachDeMedici Palace Renaissance Chair: Each
Knottingley Manor Chair: EachKnottingley Manor Chair: Each
The Savonarola Chair: EachThe Savonarola Chair: Each
Chinese Chippendale Chair: EachChinese Chippendale Chair: Each
Salon des Rosiers Side Chair: EachSalon des Rosiers Side Chair: Each
Salon des Rosiers Armchair: EachSalon des Rosiers Armchair: Each
Gothic Tracery Cathedral Chair: EachGothic Tracery Cathedral Chair: Each
British Colonial Plantation Armchair: EachBritish Colonial Plantation Armchair: Each
Kingsman Manor Dragon Chair: EachKingsman Manor Dragon Chair: Each
Toulon French Rococo Side Chair: EachToulon French Rococo Side Chair: Each
William and Mary Mahogany Armchair: EachWilliam and Mary Mahogany Armchair: Each
Toulon French Rococo Armchair: EachToulon French Rococo Armchair: Each
Sudbury Hand-Carved Mahogany Gothic Side Chair: EachSudbury Hand-Carved Mahogany Gothic Side Chair: Each
Prince Regent Captain's Chair: EachPrince Regent Captain's Chair: Each
The Abbey Gothic Revival Chair: EachThe Abbey Gothic Revival Chair: Each
The Carlisle Louis XV Open Armchair: EachThe Carlisle Louis XV Open Armchair: Each
Charles II Side Chair: EachCharles II Side Chair: Each

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