Themis, Blind Justice Cast Bronze Statue: Giant

Design ToscanoSKU: AA5075


In this magnificent, hand-finished heavy bronze casting, Themis, the Goddess of Justice, holds balanced scales which represent the weighing of evidence and a sword that represents punishment; her eyes blindfolded, representing her impartiality. Themis which translates to "divine law" transcends the snakes of injustice at her feet. The ancient Greek Titaness is expertly finished with a hand-applied two-tone multidimensional sepia tone accentuated by a color-washed emerald verde patina and finished with a black marble museum mount base. The Greek goddess is individually cast in the traditional lost wax method, which highlights her expressive face and classical, positioned limbs and guarantees lasting beauty. Our bronze statue of Themis, Goddess of Justice, makes a unmistakable impression of experience (and success) when positioned in clear view in the lobby or reception area of an established law firm and strongly asserts the sagacity and professionalism of any lawyer!


  • Color patina is applied by hand one piece at a time, tone may vary slightly.


  • The original appearance of your heirloom bronze sculpture can be maintained with occasional care, cleaning and polishing as you would with any other cherished artwork.


  • Giant: 35"Wx23"Dx56"H. 85 lbs.


  • 35"Wx23"Dx56"H. 85 lbs.
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