North American Majestic Moose Full Scale Animal Statue

Design ToscanoSKU: NE170211


Moose are the largest species of North American deer and are unmistakably recognized by their gigantic sprawling palmate (meaning hand shaped) antlers. These huge, powerful and peaceful animals are highly protective of their offspring and their family. The majestic moose lives in the forests but can also be found grazing in grasslands and along rivers and lakes. Toscano's big bull full-sized Majestic Moose was sculpted with amazing life-like brown eyes and cast in quality designer resin reinforced with fiberglass for strength then hand-painted to capture the moose's giant antlers, muzzle-like face, and "beard" of skin which hangs under their necks then finished in the realistic tones of nature. Our exclusive, display quality North American Majestic Moose full scale statue transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent! Another stunningly realistic animal from Toscano! 


  • 93"Wx43.5"Dx74.5"H. 105 lbs.
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